Once upon a time in the land known as the Second City a little girl had a big dream. The year was 1982 and it was scorching hot out. I was 3 days old and my parents had the brilliant idea to take their little porcelain skinned child in the sun. That is when the freckles and lifelong insecurities regarding my pasty white skin developed. But my dream of being a performer continued to live quietly inside of me. Of course there were many performances that went awry throughout my childhood that started to kill the dream even further. Like the time in 1985 when I was 3 years old and I had to be pushed on stage in my Mickey Mouse club costume only to stand there and cry the entire time. Or during my days as a gymnast when I was competing at a city wide competition that was being televised and I decided to run straight in to the vault instead of jumping over. And then there was the time I played Gertie in Oklahoma all because I could do a ridiculously disturbing laugh at the age of 10.
I have sacrificed dignity and respect throughout my life in the name of entertainment to build the emotional endurance it takes to be an actor. However, it took 5 years in the military, a college degree in business, and a marriage in Minnesota to really push me to follow my hearts true desire and after 27 years of trials and tribulations I decided to kick the conventional life to the curb and make the dream a reality.
The dream has included numerous jobs as a waitress, many film/theatre projects for no pay, and countless hours of cutting the edges off 8.5x11 resume paper that attaches to your 8x10 headshot.  And I haven’t looked back since. I want to share this crazy world that is my mind and imagination with all those who are willing to watch. Let’s laugh, cry, scream, vent, smile, escape, and enjoy this journey together!